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We often get asked to answer questions about Sir Edmund Hillary's life for children's school projects.  You will probably find the answers in one of the sites below, specifically designed for school children.  There are some great resources there.  Good luck with your project!

Profiles of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

This article from Time Magazine celebrates Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay as two of the 20 most influential heroes/icons of the twentieth century. It discusses how their personal traits of integrity, modesty, and their efforts to use their achievement for the improvement of social and environmental conditions have elevated them as enduring heroes.

 My Story - Sir Edmund Hillary and Mount Everest

Relive Sir Edmund Hillary's trek to the top of the world. This website has information about his ascent of Mt Everest, photographs, and an interview with Sir Edmund, as well as facts about Mt Everest, and information about Tenzing Norgay and the Sherpas.

Sir Edmund Hillary - Conqueror of Mt Everest

From the Hall of Science and Exploration on the Academy of Achievement website, this page links to an interview, profile, and biography of Sir Edmund Hillary - conqueror of Mt Everest, expedition leader to the South Pole, environmentalist, and humanitarian.

Sir Edmund Hillary

A profile of Edmund Hillary, who explored places where no human being had gone before, conquered Mt Everest and captured a world's imagination. Yet where others would have been content to admire the view, look down and bask in the sheer individuality of achievement, for Sir Edmund Hillary it was only the beginning of a lifetime of service to others.

This multimedia website explores the history, culture, and conquerors of Mt Everest. Students can investigate what happens to humans at altitude, or discover the geological history of the mountains of Nepal. The website features QTVR images of the climbing route, interactive tests, audio and video files, and activity ideas for teachers.


Find out what to pack for an expedition on Everest:


For an interactive "climb" of Mt Everest and an understanding of the effects of high altitude :