Hillary Naming Rights

ED HILLARY 1919 - 2008

Mountaineer, Explorer, Author, Diplomat, Philanthropist

ED HILLARY IP Ltd owns and operates the intellectual property and naming rights of Sir Edmund Hillary, who with Tenzing Norgay, became the first men to climb the world’s highest mountain, Mt Everest. This is the Hillary family’s official and authorized entity for the administration of Ed Hillary intellectual property and naming rights. It is managed and owned by Sir Edmund Hillary's son and daughter; Peter Hillary and Sarah Hillary. 

All applications for IP and naming rights use should be addressed to peter@peterhillary.com, more information about Ed Hillary intellectual Property can be found at www.edhillary.com.

Use of Rights

  1. Belinda, Peter, Ed & Sarah Hillary on the beach in Northland,  NZ c.1970 All applications for the use of Ed Hillary intellectual property and naming rights must come to ED HILLARY IP Ltd. Applications should be made by email to the address listed under Contacts and must include the following:
    a) which Hillary IP or naming right is to be utilised;
    b) a detailed description of the intended purpose of this use, eg, advertising, book publication, school award, etc, and the extent of its use, eg, number of school fundraising events or frequency of advertising;
    c) the duration of use of the IP or naming rights that is being applied for.
  2. Applications will take about two weeks to process.
  3. We may charge a fee for IP and naming rights use depending on the application. For example: Educational and philanthropic use of Hillary IP and naming rights may require a nominal processing fee. In some cases a donation to an appropriate Himalayan charity will be accepted in lieu of a fee. In other situations such as advertising applications for Hillary IP and naming rights, market rates will apply.
  4. Applications to register Ed Hillary related trademarks must be registered in the name of ED HILLARY IP Ltd (and therefore belong to ED HILLARY IP Ltd) and their use will be subject to the conditions imposed by ED HILLARY IP Ltd. The trademark registration and prior use of any Hillary IP and naming rights does not create a right for renewal of use nor any moral precedent.
  5. All uses are to be subject to time limitations for use after which all rights are forfeited. Unless specified, the maximum duration of rights is one year.
  6. Additional use of the rights granted by ED HILLARY IP Ltd requires a new application and the acceptance of new conditions.
  7. All IP and naming rights users must acknowledge permission from ED HILLARY IP Ltd by printed, transmitted, verbal or other means.
  8. The decision of the managers of Ed Hillary IP Ltd in respect to any application for use of IP and naming rights is final including refusal and no correspondence will be entered into.


Edmund Hillary on the New Zealand 5 dollar noteEd Hillary Intellectual Property (IP) and naming rights examples:

Intellectual Property includes the use of name, likeness, reputation, history and attributes of Ed Hillary for an event, building, fundraiser, advertising or any other venture. Naming rights includes using the name of Ed Hillary as a title for an award, event, building etc. Ed Hillary IP Ltd also grants rights to manufacture and promote products and has a clothing brand called Edmund Hillary in the UK.




Edmund Hillary Clothing